7 Point Plan

 Antioch / Southeast Davidson County has been in local news quite a bit this summer.  Some news has been good, like the IKEA store.  However, we have had our share of bad news.  Especially crime related stories.  I’m running for the District 33 Council Seat and have a 7-POINT PLAN to make our community better for all.

1) Work to change existing perception / narrative of “Antioch”.  Push back against negative stories / comments, plus publicly defend the honor of people in this community.

2) Work with local media outlets to balance with positive news stories about "Antioch"... not just all negative all the time.

3) Stand firm and speak up in Council, so Antioch / Southeast Davidson County does not become Metro’s only solution to low income housing.

4) Upgrade quality of homes and business structures through zoning.  More brick and stone… less vinyl siding.  More middle class homes built on larger lots.  More homeowners associations.  More small retail.  Less apartments.  Less townhouses and condos.


6) PUSH HARD in Council for more patrol officers on streets and visible in Antioch / Southeast Davidson County.  I understand there are complexities to why people commit crime.  One thing for sure… criminals don’t want to get caught.  More trained, qualified and professional cops on the street will make an immediate difference.

7) Clean up litter / trash plus preserve nature beauty of Antioch / Southeast Davidson County.  We have the Lake, the Army Corps buffer around the Lake, Parks and Picnic Areas, Boat Ramps, Wooded Areas, Opens Spaces and Wildlife.  I will work in Council to take full advantage of what God has blesses us with.

If you agree with my 7-Point Plan and if I’m blessed to be elected, I will not disappoint you.  However, I can’t implement this vision if I'm not elected.  In a low turn out election, every vote counts more than ever before.  PLEASE VOTE! Tim Herndon
Candidate for Council District 33