My Story

About me

     Angie, my wife of 30 years, and I moved into our home in District 33 in 1993.  We’ve lived here over 24 years.  Our son Caleb (23) and our daughter Evie (18) grew up here. We have been blessed to live in this beautiful, rustic, quiet community. I know from experience that District 33 is a diamond in the rough and a secret to most who live in Metro Nashville.

     I’ve always had a strong interest in government and politics. I enjoy staying current on events in the community and around the world. I always vote and support candidates that I believe offer the best perspective and commitment to their constituents. I’ve never been shy to tell people what I think and believe. Just ask my family! However, Angie and I have remained, to this point, on the sidelines and in the background of local politics.

     People have a limited reservoir of energy and capacity to do things. Up to now, Angie and I have focused almost all of ours on our children - their education, activities, and interests, and their development as solid young citizens. With the other, smaller part, of our capacity and energy, Angie and I have built a “Mom and Pop” employee benefits company. That company, Financial BluePrint, designs and builds group insurance programs and provides HR services to companies and individuals. Some of our clients are Tennessee city and county governments.  We regularly work with and for City and County Mayors as well as the elected Councilmen, Alderman, and Commissioners. This has afforded me a unique and comparative look inside local government.

     I’ve been impressed with most of the elected officials with which we work. Many of them ran for office due to love of community and a want to give back. I’ve watched them manage people’s hard-earned tax dollars as if it were their own, I have watched them parse every penny and analyze every program to make sure they are getting the most for the least expense! They make tough calls and they take heat from those that don’t agree. I greatly respect that. I admire such devoted public servants.

     Angie, my children, and I have decided as a family, that this is the right time for me to throw my hat in ring and run for the District 33 seat on the Metro Council. We’ve been blessed to live in District 33. This community has been so good to our family. I’m running because I want to serve and to keep that same good that we’ve experienced going for all the families that live here.